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Dear Valued Guests.

First thank you for visiting WILD CRAB’s website.We sincerely hope to become one of your neighborhood favorites.Wild Crab Seafood will open between February and March in 2019, it is Boil Cajun Seafood Cuisine from New Orleans in Louisiana.

Wild Crab restaurant is definitely a good place for all those who love seafood.Although it is a little messy, that is its style and charm.Let’s go and get your hand dirty, we have serve hand sanitizer, gloves and wet towelettes; furthermore, we have set up hand wash sink nearby dining area.

Moreover, everything is prepared in Cajun recipe with high quality and freshest ingredients just as you prepare in your own home.Cajun Seafood Cuisine can according your taste and health that will reach your expectations.

Our experienced chef ensure to prepare the best food with a lasting aftertaste when you enjoyed your meal.We cherish every opportunity to serve you and sincerely hope your experience here is always an enjoyable one!

Nelson Dong

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